Cleanse Day 2: Bircher-Style Museli, Salmon Tartare, and Fasting

The trouble with day two really started last night. I had the hardest time sleeping because of how hungry I was. My stomach just hurt throughout the night, and occasionally it would wake me up.  By the time I woke up this morning I was exhausted and I also felt really out of it. Like I had a head cold – that fuzz where it seems like there is a difference between you and your body.

Breakfast definitely saved me, because I felt so much better after it, but about 11:00 I got a headache that just hasn’t gone away.  I also have been shaky, which is less than fun.  I am hoping this is the part where my body is riding itself of toxins, and the headache and the shaking is part of that.  The thing is, I fast every year on Rosh Hashanah, so I have eaten far less in over 24 hours before. Yes, I get hungry. But I’ve not had this response.  So maybe this is different? Maybe its cleansing?  God I hope so because I am hungry.

Here is what I ate from Gut Gastronomy:

BREAKFAST: Winter Bircher-Style Muesli


Most of it was done overnight, and soaking oats means you just mix oats, nuts, yogurt, fruit and cinnamon together to make this in the morning. A similar recipe is here which looks easier, but it wasn’t part of the cleanse.

Verdict:  I was hungry enough that I would eat anything, but this was nice. I prefer oatmeal warm, but that is just me.  Otherwise, its really nice. The fruit was good, the yogurt was refreshing, and who doesn’t like oatmeal?  It’s a great Idea to do if you have to get up really early and don’t have the energy for proper oatmeal.  Weirdly, though, I thought the chia muesli was more flavourful.  I will probably end up trying this with cooked oats to keep it warm, but I will cook the oats in water to keep consistent with this recipe.

LUNCH: Salmon Tartar (again)

You really can’t leave raw fish uneaten any longer than this, so it had to be done!  It actually still tasted lovely. I am definitely having this again, I just wish there was more of it. Like, a lot more.

DINNER: Beef Broth (Fasting)

So tonight and breakfast tomorrow I am “Fasting” which means broth tonight and tea tomorrow morning.  I can’t even tell you how it tastes I was just so hungry I swallowed it whole.

Verdict: “Hangry” is a term for when you are hungry and it makes you angry… what’s the term for hunger-enduced moping?

PREP: Marinated Chicken Breast with Paprika, Rosemary & Lemon

This recipe is tomorrow’s dinner and requires marinating for at least 4 hours, or overnight… overnight it is! It is not helping distract from the cravings, so maybe do this while eating broth?

The marinade is paprika, garlic, lemon, rosemary, dates, salt, pepper and water.


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