From my Family to Yours: My Parent’s Favourite Recipes

Today is a very important day for me. Ten years ago today I lost my parents.  It is an important day because so much has happened in ten years, and so much of it I wish they had been there for.  In the ten years since they died I’ve graduated university, my masters and I wrote my PhD. I moved to another country and I got married.  These were all things I know they really wanted to be there for, and were very different because they couldn’t be here.  It is also important because this day is always important to me.

Every year today I keep to myself, and I just take a day to be with photo albums, and them, and be on my own. But this year that solitude didn’t seem right.  Part of my blog is about sharing recipes, but the basis is that these are family recipes. Some are my mother’s and some are my father’s.  All of my food is inspired by food they made or even just growing up in the kitchen and in an environment where we always had people over to eat: BBQ, chill cook-offs, dinners, even the Christmas party.  So much of the happiness of my family was in sharing food with others and in that, sharing our lives. So to those of you who visit my blog, I just wanted to direct you to some of the recipes I shared that were my parent’s favourite.  I’ll keep adding to it as I add recipes of theirs and of my family.  It isn’t every recipe of theirs on this blog (although there are plenty!), just ones that had particular meaning or were ones we kept going back to as a family.

From my Family to Yours:

My Mother’s Guacamole: she could have very easily eaten this for every meal. Growing up I didn’t even like Mexican food, but now it reminds me of home. I can see mom with her guacamole chatting away with my grandmother or her best friend, Elisabeth.

My Mother’s Crab Dip: This recipe is what put me on the map, it’s my “secret” (except now widely available online) recipe, straight from her.

Dad’s Hoisin Chicken: My mother ave my father Chinese cooking lessons for his birthday one year. I will always remember this recipe, and promise to ass the other one I would beg him for: Shrimp in Lobster sauce.

Coconut Macaroons:  While not my father’s recipe, this was his absolute favourite treat. He loved coconut – his favourite cake was a German Chocolate Cake and his favourite dessert was coconut macaroons. I think he would have loved these.

My Mother’s Pizza Fondue: This is a special post because I included a copy of her recipe, with her handwriting and all the little smudges on it.  Let me know if you would like me to include her original recipe more. I just love looking at her handwriting. It’s very sentimental.  So much so I have included the copy here:

My mum's original recipe for Pizza Fondue
My mum’s original recipe for Pizza Fondue. She was amazing.

Thank you for sharing my family recipes, and my own. I am lucky to share such yummy recipes along with stories of my family. It will always be special to have this blog, and I hope you have found a recipe or two in here that will become a favourite in your family.



2 thoughts on “From my Family to Yours: My Parent’s Favourite Recipes

  1. Such a touching post. I loved how you posted so many of your family’s recipes, but I didn’t know the story behind it. Thank you for sharing, I’ll be sending a virtual hug your way each time I try one of their recipes. Food is memories, and what a great way to carry on their memory and legacy. xx Jamie


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