My Top Five Food-Related April Fools Ideas


I am actually not much of a prankster, having been the person pranks are pulled ON my whole life (thank you , mom and dad for giving me three brothers).  But as the person who gets fooled, I have encountered a lot of good food-related pranks and jokes.  Here are some classics that made my childhood memorable, in good and bad ways:

1. Chocolate Bar Fishing.  Required:  A chocolate bar and a fishing pole

 I vividly remember this one from when I was about 9.  I woke up and there was a lovely Kit Kat outside my door when I woke up.  I bent down to get it and it moved just out of my grasp.  It took longer than I like to admit to hear my brother reeling in the fishing pole.   Charming.

2. Bread Cake.  Required:  Bread (ideally pumpernickel or a potato bread)  and pre-made frosting.

This is one my husband discovered. You basically frost slices of bread like a cake.  The first bite is very unpleasant, and pumpernickel bread looks surprisingly like chocolate cake.  😦

3. That’s not orange juice. Required: Kraft dried cheese packet and some milk.

I like cheese, I do.  But expecting orange juice and drinking liquid kraft cheese is disgusting.  Apparently one needs to use lukewarm water to mix the kraft cheese mis or it won’t dissolve properly.  Yuck.

4. Vodka Water Bottle.  Required: vodka and an empty water bottle

21 and over, people!  I was in theatre and very often when you drink on stage, you drink water, because it doesn’t stain the costumes.  I cannot remember the play but my cast-mate and I had to gulp down our drinks and run after a character.  Someone swapped the water for vodka during dress rehearsal.  I am very happy it wasn’t show night because my response was…less than graceful.  I am pretty sure you can do a water-bottle swap and have the same I-need-water gulping that means you ingest a lot of vodka quite quickly and painfully.

5. Frozen cereal.  Required: cereal, milk, freezer.

So this is probably a day-before kind of thing, but you can probably do with with soup and other dishes.  You just combine milk and cereal and put it in the freezer.  Then watch them be very bemused that they can’t eat.  And watch them have to dig out their cheerios.

Go forth and make someone else’s childhood as cringe-worthy as my own 🙂


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