Need to make your box cake taste home-made?


Let’s be honest, sometimes you just don’t have the time/energy to make a proper cake.  Surely I’m not the only one? Sure, I make most of my cakes, but when I’m time-crunched, a box cake is fast and simple.   I really only use box cake for one cake – red velvet cake.

This began because I was in a sorority and on Valentine’s Day I would have my sorority sisters over to the apartment for movies and cake. And Valentine’s Day suits Red Velvet Cake.  When you are making cake for as many as 15 a box cake is easier and faster to do.  But it only took one box cake to realise that it didn’t taste as nice.  After the first year I made a mission to make different versions of the box cake every year and by my senior year, this was the absolute favourite.  I have to admit, sometimes my home-made cake don’t come out as nice as this.

The Picture shows exactly what I do:

1) I replace the oil with the same amount of melted butter (in this case 1/4 cup)

2) I use replace the water with milk (in this case 1 cup)

3) I add 2 tbsp 100% cocoa powder

Everything else stays the same so you don’t need to put in that much extra effort!

The butter and milk make the cake richer and more flavourful.

The cocoa helps boost the flavour of red-velvet cake because it is a chocolate cake, but by having 100% cocoa it enhances the bitter chocolate rather than the sweet. This means your cake tastes much more like home-made.

I really enjoy the experience of cooking, so don’t be afraid to try making it from scratch. But if it’s last minute, you are tired, or you just don’t want to make a cake from scratch, give these tricks a try.  I bet they won’t be able to tell.


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