Real hot chocolate – microwave or saucepan

I grew up on Hot Chocolate Packets – Swiss Miss to be exact.  They came with tiny marshmallows and my father would always pop one in the microwave when I was having a bad day (the man knew chocolate was the solution to most things, or ice-cream).

Then, just before Christmas, my new husband discovered me making powdered hot chocolate and just laughed.  I needed to make ‘Real hot chocolate’.

This ‘real hot chocolate’ is just melted chocolate and milk. It sounded simple enough, and my husband offered to demonstrate.  It involved things like a double boiler (which we don’t own) and words like ‘tempering’ (which I had to explain).  But it was amazing – you get to drink melted chocolate!

So over the past few weeks I have been trying to sort out an easier way to have my ‘real hot chocolate’  but without the extra pans, equipment or headache, and it looks as yummy as it tastes:



Hot Chocolate 

  • 1/2 a milk chocolate bar  (you can mix it up and do dark or white if you like)
  • 2 cups milk
  • marshmallows


In the microwave

Break chocolate into pieces the size of your thumb and evenly distribute pieces between two large mugs

Fill the mugs with milk

Put in the microwave on high for 2 minutes

Take out and to break up the melting chocolate and incorporate

Microwave on high for a further 2 minutes and then stir until combined

Add marshmallows 🙂


In a (single) saucepan

Put milk in a saucepan on low until warm – do not let come to a boil

Grate the chocolate into the saucepan

Stir until combined

Pour in a cup and add marshmallows 🙂


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