My take on Hairy Bikers – Chashu Pork Ramen

Earlier this year I watched the Hairy Biker’s Asian Adventure on the BBC and became obsessed with Japanese food.  For me it is exciting because of how many different sensations are in one dish – usually spicy, savoury, salty and sweet are all wrapped in one. But the flavours are so subtle and the bottom line is, yummy.

You may think this was my first interest in Asian cooking, but I actually have a soft sport for East Asian cooking because of my father. One year for his birthday my mother got him and his best friend weekly Chinese cooking classes.  He made us shrimp in lobster sauce and the obsession truly began.  I was a teenager and that recipe was how I discovered that take away food was not the same as home made.  I can still remember it.  I haven’t tried to cook it, but I kept his recipe book and brought it with me to London.

Anyway, the point is, I love cooking East Asian cuisine, and I am particularly in love with the Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure!  So for my first chef v. real person recipe I chose a Hairy Bikers favourite of mine:  Chasu Pork Ramen.  Also, the recipe is  available on the BBC website so you can give it a try too.

I think that, all things considered, it looks pretty good. My vote is that you don’t need to be a chef for this recipe to look and taste yummy:

My Ramen (Not a chef)
My Ramen (Not a chef)
The official photo from the BBC (Made by the chef)
The official photo from the BBC (Made by the chef)

What Non-chefs should Know

  1. this recipe is easy to make… But actually secretly VERY time consuming.  This is because the eggs and pork need to be made before you start cooking the soup – the idea is that you made the pork for another meal and use leftovers in the soup, but with the eggs, you need to make those the day before you use it. So be prepared
  2. You don’t actually need specialist equipment. They recommend a box to seal the hard boiled eggs in, but I just shoved them in tupperware
  3. there is a specialist ingredient: Toridashi stock, which takes ages to make and requires a difficult to find Dried Kombu, and bonito flakes… Now if you are in the UK, Heston for Waitrose does a Kombu beef stock, which is a decent substitute, and you can also order Kombu and bonito flakes online anywhere in the world. However, if you just want a quick and easy way to enjoy this soup, add some sake and chopped anchovies to chicken stock, or just chicken stock. It won’t taste exactly the same as Hairy Bikers, but it will taste lovely

So, the easy version:

Use leftover pork, remember to do the eggs the day before, and use chicken stock (with a dash of sake and anchovy if you have either)

my sneaky trick

once I just used chicken stock and tossed in the extra marinade for the eggs. Ohhh it was yummy!


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